1 – Buying flowers that are seasonal and local means you’ll get great quality flowers that are fresher as they haven’t had to travel far, so will last longer in your vase.

2 – Choosing flowers that are grown here rather than flown here means you’re making a healthier choice for the planet, eliminating air miles as well as the need for chemicals that the flowers are often shipped in to keep them in good condition.

3 – Not all flowers travel well, so by buying locally grown flowers you get to see different varieties that you can’t necessarily buy from florists who import their wares.

4 – British flower farming has dwindled to a sorry state over the last 20 years, with just 10% of the flowers sold here being grown here. Show your support for local flower farmers and you’ll be helping the resurgence of this industry – keeping old traditions going, making sure important skills are passed on and boosting the creation of jobs at home.

5 – British flowers are in fashion! There’s growing wave of support for the British flower industry right now with our home grown beauties being shouted about in magazines and on TV. So jump on the band wagon – buy British and be totally on-trend!

6 – Supermarket flowers, while cheap and convenient, tend to be the same old, same old safe stock that sells all year round. Go to your local florist or flower farmer and have your eyes opened to the plethora of amazing British flowers and varieties that you’ve never seen before.

7 – You may be forgiven for thinking that flowers just don’t smell anymore, but buy British and give your senses a wake up call. Many perfumed flowers  have a shorter vase life which is a problem if you have to take a few days flying your flowers across the world, so lots of imported flowers have now had the smell bred out of them.

8 – Lots of British flower farms will let you pick your own – so you can have a fun morning out, learn skills such as bouquet tying and save money too!

9 – You can help our Wildlife flourish when you buy flowers sourced from British crops  – they will have already fed and housed a huge range of butterflies, insects and importantly bees.

10 – Buying British flowers means buying seasonal flowers – you will learn heaps about what grows when, you’ll be introduced to many different types of flower as the year progresses, making you more connected to nature.

We sell a range of beautiful British flowers from fantastic local growers from May to October.

If you’d like to order, then call By the sea on 07808 065987 or email hello@bytheseaflowers.com stating clearly that you’d like the flowers to be British.