This seems to be a busy time of year for buying bouquets. Perhaps it’s because the weather has turned colder and we’re all spending more time at home. Or maybe it’s because we’re all getting in the zone for decorating our home in the run up to Christmas. Or maybe it’s just pay day and you deserve a treat!

Whatever your reason, follow these three handy tips to get the best from your blooms…

1 – Change the water every day and remove any leaves that are below the water line. Clean water is key to longer living flowers and will keep bacteria at bay. You can even use a tiny amount of bleach in the water to help keep it clear and bug-free.

2 – Cut the ends of the stems every couple of days. Trim them at an angle to help them drink water more easily and if your stem has a knuckley-bit (such as roses), then cut above the knuckle to make it easier for the stem to take in water.

3 – Use flower food – it works!

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