While 2017 was a year of change – a new studio, a new name and a gorgeous new look, 2018 is the year we’re really excited about. We are entering this year with more weddings booked in than ever before, we’re going to be hosting a record number of workshops and have some thrilling collaborations in the pipeline that we can’t wait to tell you about. In the process of becoming By the Sea, we got to work with some amazingly talented local business people that have really helped us take our little venture to the next level. And we’re really proud that we could keep it in Pembrokeshire with a network of creative, innovative and highly skilled individuals right on our doorstep. So here they are – meet the people behind our rebrand…

Anna the artist

It all started with a mood board! Anna made sense of my random ideas and turned them into our beautiful new logo. I’m not quite sure how she does it, but her illustrations are all hand-drawn and coloured and watching her transform my musings into a brand identity was magical. Anna is the artist behind the wonderful prints at iSea Surfwear – she’s also the business brains too! You can see her gorgeous creations at www.iseasurfwear.co.uk.

Gale the guru

Gale is one half of the talented team at Percolated Design. She worked alongside Anna to digitise and spruce up the logo, and then she set to work designing, building and bringing our new website to life. Probably the nicest, calmest, most patient person to work with, Gale made the whole process incredibly smooth and easy, had loads of suggestions and ideas, and the after-service with technical support has been superb. Gareth (the other one!) is a skilled photographer who really captured the essence of By the Sea in many of the photos you see on our website. Have a look at their work at www.percolated.design

Sophie the storyteller

Pembrokeshire born and bred, Sophie was the perfect person to put our story into words, and her days spent working in a flower shop in Pembroke as a teenager helped add a flowery flourish! We’re really excited to add Sophie to the team this year, so watch this space…

Pete the pictures

Heading to the coast, armed with flowers was one of the highlights of our rebrand. Pete’s a really creative photographer and isn’t afraid to get wet, sandy and into all sorts of strange positions to get the perfect shot! You can view more of his work at www.peterboundsphotography.co.uk

And me, Marie!
By the sea Pembrokeshire Florist
I’m the florist here at By the Sea and have always loved making people smile with beautiful flowers. Not a traditionalist I’m inspired by the wild and wonderful Pembrokeshire coast to make natural, rustic arrangements that create the perfect mood or send the most appropriate message. Moving to our studio in Amroth last summer was the final piece in the puzzle that meant By the Sea was ready to bloom.

Please take a peep at our new-look website www.bytheseaflowers.com to see for yourself, and if you have the time, drop us a line at hello@bytheseaflowers.com to tell us what you think!